In December 2018 Ava started having fevers and losing weight. After seven months and many doctors visits, Ava finally was seen at Johns Hopkins where she was quickly diagnosed with Leukemia on July 12, 2019.  Ava’s treatment started right away. Ava’s original course of treatment was not working so in December of last year she entered a CAR-T study. It is the hope that this will finally be what helps her achieve MRD- status, with no cancer present.

Prior to her diagnosis Ava was a typical teenager.  She loved playing soccer and school. Since her diagnosis she was not able to start high school with her classmates and she is no longer able to play sports.  As of January 2020, Ava is cancer free! She is excited to go back to school and to all of those things that bring her joy. She is also very interested in helping other kids who are dealing with cancer.  Ava has learned so many life lessons through her cancer journey and she is eager to embrace the future and move forward cancer free!