Spectator’s Guide to JUST TRYAN IT

Pioneer Valley

What to Pack and What to Wear

Parking Map

Traditionally, triathlons are not a spectator friendly sport. We have done our best to give you tips and guides to watching your racers here. As with most triathlons, ours will start with the Swim Course, then Bike Course, and last, Run Course. That said, the event is a continuous race with some racers finishing while others are still starting. We will run the Long Course first followed by a short break before the Short Course.

Transition Areas

There are two transition areas at this race. T1 is where racers will park their bikes before starting and where they will come to get their bikes once they have completed the swim. In T1, racers will quickly dry off and put on their shoes, shirt, and helmet. T2 is where racers will park their bikes after completing the bike course. This is a drop off zone for the bike and helmet as racers exit to start the run course. Parents are restricted from entering transition areas during the race. There are plenty of volunteers to help your racer set up and transition to the next event. Transition areas will open once the last racer has left the area.

To Watch The Swim

Follow signs to the balcony of the pool to see your racer. No parents or spectators are allowed on the pool deck. 

To Watch the Bike and Run

The bike course takes the racers from the Athletic Center (Sawyer field) to the Galbraith Fields about 1/3 of a mile away. Follow the signs and stairs to the bike path and walk along side the bikers to Galbraith Fields. From there you will be able to see bikers and runners and certainly catch your racer finishing (although do not dally!)

After The Race / Party Zone

Hang out with us at Galbraith Fields to enjoy a moon bounce, DJ, food trucks, face painting and more. We will have a closing ceremony about 15 minutes after the last racer crosses the line (approximately 10:30am).