Brij “Brij was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer in January 2024. He had emergency surgery and was transferred to Boston for further care where he and his family spent the next month. They have continued treatment at Duke and Brij has shown incredible resilience making it through the last 3 months

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Yousuf In December of 2023, Yousuf was coughing a lot, so doctors took an X-ray of his chest. They found a large mass, and he was admitted to the hospital for 28 days. Yousuf’s father stopped working during that time to take care of him. As of March 2024, neither of Yousuf’s

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Muqaddim Muqaddim was diagnosed with sarcoma in September 2023. His mother is currently unable to work due to Muqaddim’s radiation treatments. “Muqaddim is caring. He’s very independent[, e]specially when he doesn’t need to [be]. He’s very social and the popular kid in school. He’s a dancer and a lover of good music.

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Declan Declan was diagnosed with leukemia in 2022 at the age of 8. He is now in the maintenance phase of treatment and has started his return to school! “Declan is just an amazing kid. He is so funny and full of energy one minute then down to earth and calming the

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Camila February 2024“Camila was diagnosed with high risk Neuroblastoma in August 2023. She has endure 5 rounds of chemotherapy, surgery to remove her main mass in her abdomen and we are currently in the hospital for her first round of Bone Marrow Transplant. We still have a long road ahead of us.“Camila is truly

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