Wyatt December 2023 Update “Wyatt is an awesome kid. He is so well loved and touched the lives of every person he meets. He is a huge sports kid. He loves to play golf, bowling, and tennis. He is extremely smart, especially in math. His favorite holiday is Christmas. He loves the

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Taniya Taniya was diagnosed with leukemia in the summer of 2023, at age 19. According to her mother, Monique, she “is very Strong willed, she loves music and dancing, she is very fun and one of the most memorable people you will ever meet.” JUST TRYAN IT provided Taniya’s family with an

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Kolten “Kolten was diagnosed with Ewing Sarcoma about a year ago. Since then he has been undergoing a compressed chemotherapy regimen, he has had major abdominal surgery and is currently finishing up his chemo and radiation. Kolten loves playing outside with his little brother and two dogs. He is our super hero!”-Kolten’s mother, JaimeJUST

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Agustin “Agustin was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma January of 2022. Agustin is a very active boy and was just getting off Football season and enjoying his sophomore year in high school. Agustin is a very talented young man (not saying cause he’s my son), but it’s true. He excels in academic

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Josias Josias is a young cancer warrior! He was around 1 years old when he was diagnosed with leukemia in 2023. He is a delightful young boy, who loves toys that make sounds and reading! His mother says he loves helping her or his grandmother turn the pages! His mother also says,

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Manuel Manuel and his mother, Cristina moved to the United States five years ago. His mother owns her own business and cleans houses. Manuel first noticed something was wrong when he had a bad pain in his shoulder. He and his mother spent months going in and out of the hospital, until

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Caleb July 2023 Update “Caleb’s journey started with what we thought was a stomach virus. He had been vomiting with bad stomach pains and his pediatrician and me both thought it was a stomach virus. After seven days and him becoming extremely dehydrated with dangerous low blood pressure he was rushed to

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Yehuda Yehuda was 10 years old when he was diagnosed with Burkitt Lymphoma in the summer of 2022. Yehuda’s mother was nine months pregnant with their family’s fifth child and the combination of a new baby and a child with cancer was extremely stressful for them. Yehuda’s mother, a nurse practitioner, had

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JoJo Despite being diagnosed with neuroblastoma in 2018 when he was 1 year old, JoJo is a happy young boy who is always smiling! One of the things that brings him joy is animals. His mother says that he loves to make new friends and that his favorite hobby is dancing. Joel’s

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Kailynn Kailynn was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia in May at 2 months old. According to her mother, she is “sweet, spoiled, and enjoys watching the movie Home”. JUST TRYAN IT was recently provided Kailynn’s family with an emergency grant, which was utilized by the family to pay their rent.

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Antione Antione was 14 when he was diagnosed with brain cancer. He loves his family and they have supported him through his battle. He is a great student with big goals, and his mother says he is passionate about sports! He loves the Steelers!JUST TRYAN IT provided Antione’s family an emergency grant earlier this

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Isabella May 2023 Update Bella is a delightful 4 year-old girl who loves Disney princesses, pink, glitter, and unicorns! Her favorite princess is Rapunzel, but it changes every other day. She loves paw patrol and pretends to be Skye all the time. She is smart, funny, and extremely loving. Pt's mother had

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Cameron Diagnosed in November 2022 with aggressive desmoplastic small round cell tumors, Cameron is a cancer warrior. He loves gaming and making people laugh. Despite his diagnosis, he continues to make his mom and brothers laugh. Because of the cost of his treatment, auto insurance was becoming difficult for Cameron’s family to

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Braiden Braiden was diagnosed in October 2022, at 10 years old, with a Wilms Tumor. He loves swimming and riding his bike! He also loves to help take care of both his younger brother, Kaiden, and his three-month-old toy poodle, Milo! Braiden is currently in active treatment. Braiden’s mother is working and Braiden

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Camren Camren (Cam) is an 18-year-old cancer hero from North Carolina. In October 2022, Camren was diagnosed with stage III Osteosarcoma. He is currently in active treatment. Camren has just finished his last pre-surgery chemotherapy and is scheduled to have his leg amputated this week. Following the amputation, the plan is for him to

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London London was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 2022 at age 4. London lives with his mom, a US Army service member. London’s mom had to take a leave of absence from her job when London was diagnosed, significantly impacting the family’s income. The family also experienced uncovered medical bills. London

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