Noah Noah is the youngest of 6 siblings which includes 3 older sisters and 2 older brothers. His siblings are Enelsey (23), Williany (21), Nileasy (19), Hayden (11), and a Benjamin (7). Noah was a healthy and rambunctious little boy who is a sponge for taking every little good and some not-so-good things from

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Zuna Zuna is a sweet baby girl diagnosed with Retinoblastoma at only 2 months old. Zuna's mother was still on maternity leave when she was diagnosed and had anticipated going back to work before diagnosis. People from her work were donating PTO and Zuna’s dad was working when he could but it

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Sara Beth

Sara Beth Sara Beth is a precious 1 year old baby girl who was diagnosed at 4 months old in October 2019. Her mother is her primary caretaker and her father works full time. His job has been flexible with him taking off for appointments and hospitalizations as needed, however he often

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Kaylee Kaylee is a sweet girl diagnosed with ALL in November 2019 at age 9. She loves animals, going to the beach, and watching Tik Tok videos. Kaylee lives with her mother and 3 siblings. Kaylee's mother is currently unemployed due to the needs of her children. Kaylee has recently stabilized, however, has

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Elise Elise was 15 years old when she underwent brain surgery for hydrocephalus in December 2019, and was subsequently diagnosed with a malignant neoplasm of the brain. She was treated with proton radiation at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) from January 31 to March 13, 2020. On April 6, she underwent surgery at

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Ava In December 2018 Ava started having fevers and losing weight. After seven months and many doctors visits, Ava finally was seen at Johns Hopkins where she was quickly diagnosed with Leukemia on July 12, 2019.  Ava’s treatment started right away. Ava’s original course of treatment was not working so in December

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Grace Aaliyah “Grace” Locklear is a beautiful, rambunctious, and joyful girl who loves to swing, slide and build castles with kinetic sand. To know her is to love her, with her outgoing personality and constant smile. Grace’s journey began when she was adopted at four days old and came home from the

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