AC AC is a spirited and funny 4 year old child battling Very High Risk ALL. Her leukemia has been slow to respond to treatment and she has experienced several complications that have required unplanned admissions including serious infections and infusion reactions. AC's prolonged treatment and hospitalizations have made her young body very

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Raegan 2019 UpdateRaegan loves to swim, have tea parties, and spend time on the lake. When she was 10 years old she was diagnosed with leukemia. Raegan’s family has to pay 20% of her medical expenses while their insurance covers the other 80%. This has financially devastated the family. JUST TRYAN IT helped

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Daniel Daniel loves school, bowling and playing video games. He likes all things STEM and has always been very matter of fact.  In September 2017, Daniel, then 9 years old, was diagnosed with leukemia. Unfortunately, due to complications with his treatment, he had a stroke in October 2018. Later, his family received

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Audrey Audrey enjoys horseback riding and swimming, and has discovered a new love for cooking. At 12 years old, Audrey was diagnosed with Leukemia. She recently completed just over a year of therapy, which included multiple extended inpatient admissions and weekly travel to the outpatient clinic for chemotherapy. The hospital stays required

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Amelia Amelia was diagnosed with Wilms Tumor in February 2019 at age 5. Amelia lives at home with her parents and 3 brothers. Her father works full time for a trucking company and her mom is the primary caretaker. During her initial surgery and treatment, Amelia's father took unpaid FML and has returned

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Luke Luke is the oldest of 3 boys in his family. He lives with his mom and dad, and brothers Caleb and Eli. The three boys were born in under 4 years and are very close. Luke was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in 1st grade at age 6 in February, 2011.

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Embree was diagnosed with ALL when she was seven. She achieved remission and endured 28 months of treatment.

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Meaghan, 16, of Rockville, Maryland “cannot be defined” and likes it that way because she wants to be open to all the possibilities of life. Meaghan is a dreamer with her feet planted solidly on the ground.

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