Triathlon 101 All the details you need for a smooth race


Prior to the race, please make sure your child’s bike is in safe and proper working condition. Check the air in tires, that the chain is lubricated, and the seat is properly fastened. We will have support on site the morning of the race to pump tires or assist with any last minute bike-related issues.

Print Checklist

Transition Checklist

These items will be left in transition the morning of the race:

  • water bottle
  • towel (small)
  • running shoes and socks
  • tshirt with bib attached
  • bike
  • bike helmet

Swim Checklist

These items will be in your hand as you leave transition and go to the Start / Party zone until it is your turn to swim:

  • goggles (if desired)
  • floatation device (if desired)



Our MINI course is one length of the pool. Swimmers start in the deep end and swim to the shallow. They will then climb out at the end of their lane. In the SHORT and LONG courses, racers will swim 2 and 4 lengths, respectively, starting and ending in the shallow end. Swimmers will swim down and back on the right hand side of the lane leaving room for another racer to pass on the left. Racers must touch the wall before turning around and push off going under the lane line. At the end of the 2 or 4 lengths, racers will get out of the water and walk to the exit.

The short and long courses are “snake swims.” Etiquette is to always allow faster racers to pass you if you sense they are on your heels. The best time to do this is at the end of each lane.


All racers are required to wear a helmet on the bike course. Volunteers can help with buckles as needed.

In general, bikers should stay on the right of the road or path and pass on the left. PLEASE CALL OUT TO THE RACER IN FRONT IF YOU ARE PASSING. There will be volunteers and signs directing racers.

Athletes are permitted to use bikes with training wheels if the equipment is in good condition. Tricycles, big wheels, scooters, and other devices that do not have proper braking mechanisms are not allowed.


All runners must have a bib visible and close toed shoes (no crocs or sandals). Volunteers will be staged at all turns to provide direction and assistance. Once you see the finish line marker, make a push to finish fast and smile for the cameras!

Transition Information

The Transition Area is a secured area open to athletes and volunteers only. Athletes will transition from one sport to another here. It can be the most confusing part of the race for many but we have plenty of volunteers on hand to assist your child. Practicing the transitions will help.

After the swim, racers will then move into Transition area to collect their bikes and helmets. After completing the bike course, Racers will return to Transition. Racers dismount and return their bike and helmet to their same original spot. Racers will then proceed out of Transition to the Run Course.

Transition Demonstrations are provided at Packet Pickup the day before the race. This is a great time to more fully understand and ask questions about transition.