Fundraiser Toolkit All of your resources in one place

Setting up Your Fundraising Page

Download instructions here.

Print and Video Resources

  • This one page flyer is good to have at a Lemonade Stand.  DOWNLOAD
  • Our foundation video can be used as a link from an email.YouTube Video ID: erZLX7BoEdQ
  • Feel free to direct friends and family to our video page for past race videos and other digital media.


  • When sending emails or customizing your fundraising page, please note that JUST TRYAN IT is written with all three words in capital letters and we bold the RYAN. Of course, use our logo as needed.  DOWNLOAD


  1. Start by making a donation to yourself. Let others know you are equally committed to achieving your goal.
  2. Email 10 friends and ask them to sponsor you $20. A majority of past fundraisers reached their goal by simply sending out a thoughtful and informative email to all their contacts.
  3. Create and print “calling cards” that you can drop off with friends and family to remind them to donate. Check out ours here. All you need to do is add your web link.
  4. Ask your donors if their employer has a matching program, and if so, ask them to apply for a matching donation on your behalf. Our address for any forms you may fill out is: PO Box 34589, Bethesda, MD, 20827 and our tax id number is 27-2059196.
  5. Call your friends and host a lemonade/bake sale in front of your house or at your school.
  6. Consider asking your friends to donate to JUST TRYAN IT in lieu of a birthday gift.
  7. Clean houses, garages, help with chores, or wash cars for donations.
  8. Host a board game or chess tournament and ask friends to give a small donation to enter. Set up a concession stand to raise extra money. Ask a local business to donate a prize for the winner so more friends will want to participate.
  9. Hold  a neighborhood 3-on-3 basketball tournament and let families know the entry fee will support a special cause called JUST TRYAN IT.
  10. Gather loose change. Get your friends and schoolmates to check at home for loose change that can be donated. Every penny helps.
  11. Offer a pancake breakfast on a weekend morning. You can charge by the plate or ask for donations.
  12. Offer to deliver flowers, balloons, or fruit to someone’s house with a special note from the person making the donation.

Have more ideas? Did you do something successful? Send us your idea and we will add it to the list!

Video Examples

Check out the ways these racers asked for support.

Do you have a great video? Send us yours and we will add it to our page.

Sample Emails

Use these templates when emailing your friends and family.

  1. Initial Solicitation
  2. Fundraising Reminder
  3. Post Race Thank You

Fundraising Page Tips

Your family and friends will make donations because they want to support YOU. For this reason, it is important to direct them to your personal fundraising page. You want to explain why you have chosen to participate, what the event and charity mean to you, and how their contribution can help you achieve your goals. To start customizing your fundraising page, follow these instructions from Classy.

Examples of some inspiring pages:
Owen (note, Owen’s page is not part of the triathlon pages)

Fundraising Incentives

Fundraising can be fun, but we recognize that it takes effort. We want to reward your efforts. Check out these awesome incentives that you can earn!

Have questions? We are here to support you, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.