Sunday, September 16, 2018 at Episcopal High School, 9:00am
1200 North Quaker Lane Alexandria, Virginia 22302


Thank you to all that participated. We are able to give over $50,000 to families being treated in Northern Virginia and Washington, DC with the funds raised.

2018 Top Fundraisers

Each of the following triathletes raised $1000 or more!

Nevers E, Julia D, Sarah F, Campbell R, Cam P, Mira H, Riker S, Zoe W, Eila H, Josephine L, Grace W

Short Course

SWIM: 1 length (22 yards)
BIKE: 1 mile
RUN: 0.5 miles

Long Course

SWIM: 2 lengths (44 yards)
BIKE: 1 mile
RUN: 1 mile

The JUST TRYAN IT kids triathlon is a timed event however the atmosphere is non-competitive. It is a perfect introductory event for the kids interested in a healthy lifestyle. We allow kick boards in the pool and training wheels on bicycles. While there are competitive athletes participating, we separate the groups by heats.

Proceeds from our Alexandria event will support families in treatment for pediatric cancer in the greater Baltimore-Washington, DC metropolitan area. JUST TRYAN IT also supports families in the Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill area of North Carolina.


Registration fees are separate from fundraising requirements. Each racer is required to fundraise a minimum of $50 to receive their race packet and bib number. Guarantee your spot by registering today!

EARLY BIRD Registration January 1 – June 30 $55
Registration July 1 – September 11 $60
LAST CALL Registration September 12 – September 15 $80

  • Ages 6 and 14 years old, as defined by age on race day, can participate.
  • Distances are approximate.

Race Details click to expand or collapse

Alexandria, VA

Each racer is required to fundraise a minimum of $50 to receive their race packet and bib number. Our triathlon is our primary fundraising event of the year, and it provides us the opportunity to support participating families whose goals include instilling a sense of philanthropy and service in their children. Please note that our race entry fee of $50 only covers the cost of the triathlon itself. No portion of the registration fee goes to the families we support.

Distances are approximate. For details on incentives, awards, and prizes, click here.

Visit our Triathlon 101 page for details on what to bring to the race and some nuts and bolts about racing.


The swim (see “Course Maps” section for the location) is in a pool that is 22 yards long. The SHORT course is one length of the pool.  The LONG course swim is two lengths. Racers will be preassigned wave numbers and must start with their wave in order to receive an accurate race finish time. 2 lifeguards will be in the water and additional guards will monitor racers from the deck. Arm floaties, kickboards and other flotation devices are allowed. The swim process is as follows:

  • Racers are staged outside the pool in their respective wave.
  • Racers enter the pool deck and deposit their shoes and socks to be picked up when exiting the pool deck.
  • The starter will call racers to enter the water by wave. All racers must start in the water on the wall, no diving.
  • Upon completion of the swim, the racers exit the pool deck via a side door and go via stairs to the foot dry station where volunteers will assist racers in getting their shoes and socks back on.
  • The LONG swim courses is a “snake swim.” Etiquette is to always allow faster racers to pass you if you sense they are on your heels. The best time to do this is at the ends of each lane.

Transition Information

The Transition Area is where athletes switch from one sport to the next. It can be the most confusing part of the race for many.  Practicing the transitions will help.

Swim to Bike Transition

  • Make sure you have all the necessary equipment you will need on race day and practice with all of it. Please click here for our race day checklist. If your child is going to wear a swim cap for the swim, make sure you try it out before race day. All racers will need to wear a shirt with their race number pinned on. Practice putting on a shirt with a half sheet of paper safety pinned on the front. Race belts are also allowed if your child prefers.
  • After the swim and shoe station, racers will then move into the transition area to collect their bikes.
  • Racers may like having a water bottle to sip before heading out on the bike.
  • Shirts with bib #s and bike helmets must be worn
  • Volunteers will guide racers as they walk their bikes to the “mount” line. Encourage racers to practice getting on and off safely.
  • Parents and Spectators are not allowed in this area.


The bike portion is a one loop course for all racers. It offers fast flat sections, cautionary speed bumps and challenging climbs on a wide driveway through the Episcopal’s campus. Please go to the Course Maps section below to view the location.

  • For the safety of other racers, riders are to stay to the right side of the course unless passing on the left. PLEASE CALL OUT TO THE RACER IN FRONT IF YOU ARE PASSING.
  • There will be volunteers and signs instructing riders which direction to go.

Bike to Run Transition

  • After the bike portion, racers return to Transition and  “dismount” their bikes at the “dismount line.”
  • Volunteers will assist racers with bike and helmet drop-off and then guide racers to the run portion of the race.


The SHORT course is a fast, yet challenging 0.5 mile run and the LONG course is 1 mile. They are both cross country runs through portions of Episcopal High School’s campus. Please go to the Course Maps section below to view the location.

  • Volunteers will be staged at all turns to provide direction and assistance.
  • Once you see the finish line marker, make a push to finish fast and smile for the cameras!

Course Maps click to expand or collapse

SHORT Course Bike and Run

Print Map

LONG Course Bike and Run

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Swim Map

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Race Weekend Scheduleclick to expand or collapse

Details coming soon. Below is a sample.

Saturday, September 16th

Event Time Notes
Packet Pickup 1pm – 3pm You may pick up a packet for a friend.
Transition Demos 1:30pm and 2:30pm Location TBD.
Bike Drop Off 1pm – 3pm There is a security guard on campus but we are not responsible for bikes left overnight. Only bikes can be dropped off.

Sunday, September 17th

Event Time Notes
Campus Opens for racers. Enter only at N. Quaker Road entrance. 7:30am Parking is available on campus. We will have LOTS of volunteers directing racers to transition to set up their gear.
Opening Ceremonies / Transition Closes (All racers must be checked into Transition by this time.) 8:30 am We will release a white balloon to start the race in honor of those lives lost to pediatric cancer.
JUST TRYAN IT Race Begins 9:00 am Long Course first followed by Short Course.
Party Zone Opens 8:30 am Enjoy some treats, face painting, and more. Food trucks will be on site ($).
Race ends / transition opens. 10:30 am, approximately Transition will remain closed until the race is over. Bikes can not be retrieved until the last racer is finished.

Packet Pickup click to expand or collapse

Packet Pick Up

Saturday, September 15


Episcopal High School, Stewart Student Center

Information Sessions

Saturday, September 15

1:30am and 2:30pm

On the track near the Transition Area

Bike Drop Off

Saturday, September 15

1 – 3 pm (See note below)

On the track in the Transition Area

Friends are allowed to pick up packets for others. Packet Pick Up is MANDATORY. Race packets are NOT available on race day. Racers cannot participate without a bib.

Racers will receive their fundraising incentives at packet pick up as well.

Bike Drop Off

JUST TRYAN IT is offering participants the opportunity to drop off racers’ bicycles on Saturday, September 15,  2018, from 1:00pm – 3:00pm during packet pick-up. This is not mandatory. Only bikes can be dropped off on Saturday. While the campus is secured overnight, JUST TRYAN IT cannot guarantee the safety and security of bicycles you choose to leave unattended.  By dropping off your racer’s bicycle on Saturday, you agree that JUST TRYAN IT is not responsible for any damage to your bicycle or any lost or stolen bicycles.

Parking And Racer Drop-Off click to expand or collapse


There is no racer drop-off at this site. Parents and racers should enter the North Quaker Road entrance and follow the directions to parking on campus. From there, you will be directed towards Hoxton Field. Please allow 10 minutes to walk from your car to the Start Zone.






Race Results And Photosclick to expand or collapse


Photos will be uploaded throughout the week to our Smugmug page. They are available for a FREE download. Thanks to our photography team for their help.

Top Fundraisers

Team $ Raised
Episcopal Kids $7716
Willie Strong $5339
LHP Gators $2645
The Arlington Dream Team $1665

Racer $ Raised
Nevers Erickson $2140
Julia Duvall $1450
Sarah Finamore $1321
Campbell Reid $1179
Cam Powers $1131
Mira Henry $1122
Riker Slack $1104
Zoe Williams $1104
Eila Henry $1072
Josephine Lago $1057
Grace Williams $975

Race Results

Race results can be found here: Long Course, Short Course



Ages Male Female
1. Liam Riedy 1. Grace Williams
2. Ben Platt 2. Everly Kunz
1. William Lawrence 1. Marisol Sady-Dubon
2. Noah Levy 2. Emily Lasalle
1. Caleb Davis 1. Mae Cummings
2. Benjamin Jacobs 2. Claire Caffrey
1. Jack Oliver 1. Caroline Kantz
2. Tobias Velez 2. Aliyah Majeed-Hall
1. Sam O’Neill 1.
1. Justin Zacharia 1. Sam Finamore
2. Aidan Walsh 2. Ginny Coulby
1. Ben Martin 1. Mila Torres
2. Dylan Rex 2. Caroline Franklin

2017: Long Course, Short Course

Inclement Weather Planclick to expand or collapse

The safety of our athletes, volunteers, and spectators is our primary concern. In the event of inclement weather, the race will continue under the following circumstances:

Lightning: The event will be postponed by 30 minutes. All racers and spectators will move to a designated space for shelter (Field House).  If the lightning continues, then the race will be cancelled.

Rain: The event will NOT be canceled due to rain alone. If it is determined that the bike portion of the race would be unsafe due to wet roads, then the race will be changed to a swim-run duathlon. Athletes will be informed of such a change via announcements on race day.

Tornado warning: The race will be canceled in the event of a tornado warning.

Refund Policy:

We are unable to process refunds in the event of cancellation due to weather or other circumstances outside of our control.



Top Fundraisers

Nevers Erickson $2139.8
Julia Duvall $1449.96
Sarah (Sam) Finamore $1341.04
Campbell Reid $1178.95
Cam Powers $1131.2

Top Fundraising Teams

Episcopal Kids $7741.89
Willie Strong $5699.82
LHP Gators $2645.15
VH Tidal Wave $1695.99
The Arlington Dream Team $1664.6

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