Who We Support We are honored to help those in need

Improving Quality of Life Through Direct Financial Assistance

Through our Direct Financial Assistance program, JUST TRYAN IT covers mortgage, rent, utilities, transportation, car payments, gas, parking, food, childcare and other non-medical expenses for families battling pediatric cancers.

Our financial support had a significant impact on the housing needs of patients and families. Forty five percent (45%) of our funds were used to stabilize housing through mortgage and rental payments. Stabilized housing is a basic human need with tremendous impact on a patient’s quality of life. With the loss of housing comes immense emotional distress, higher risk of infection, inability to adhere to a treatment plan.

Patient and Family Demographics

JUST TRYAN IT continued to reach underserved populations and expand our footprint in the pediatric cancer community. The diversity of patients and families we serve is outlined below. Financial hardship will hit 59% of patients facing any cancer diagnosis.

70% of families served by JUST TRYAN IT have a total income level of less than $48,500.


38% of the families who received our grants in 2017 were single parent families.