Winner: Tim Cohen

At each race we give an award to a race day volunteer that spreads enthusiasm, happiness, and a touch of goofiness to our event.

“Tim stood out from the moment he arrived. Even before the volunteer meeting, he was eager to help and jumped in to hang signs and unload equipment. His unwavering enthusiasm and contagious energy helped set the tone for a great day,” wrote Party Zone captain Jeanne Dombcik. BikeTransport captain Will Norry added, “Tim was great. He recognized how to improve the situation and took steps to help. He cheered every racer starting and finishing the bike course and was helpful on the big hill.”

Honorable Mentions

Beth Miller demonstrated boundless energy as a transition volunteer. She wore a huge smile and gave every racer a high five in transition. She worked diligently helping all racers find their transition areas, offering encouraging words along the way. She stayed after the close of transition to clean the area and help break it down…. a task she did not sign up to do! Yet, she did it with a smile on her face and with awesome efficiency,” said Sabrina Schneider, Transition Captain.

Joel Collier took on the grueling task of Transition Monitor. He accepted his role without hesitation, especially when promised a cool head set. With the change in our communication among race captains, he ended up with only headphones, but this didn’t dampen his spirit! He took the initiative to introduce himself to all of the course rabbits and cabooses prior to the race. Determining the first and last racer on each course can be difficult, yet Joel did it with a smile. He even jumped in to re-secure a fallen arch and stayed to break down transition. He was the backbone of our transition team this year,” said Sabrina Schneider, Transition Captain.

Keelin Caffrey was so enthusiastic and encouraging to ALL of the racers as I passed by on my bike numerous times over the course. Her positivity was infectious, something you don’t often see from a person her age in this type of setting,” stated Run Captain, Amy Drumheller. Additionally, “Keelin was engaged and willing to take on more and more responsibility at Packet Pick-up,” wrote Tamara Rice, Packet Pick-up Captain.

Lauren Hostetler was really energetic and never stopped supporting the racers. Not only did she help racers down the hill, she encouraged them and empowered them to succeed,” stated Will Norry, Bike Transport Captain.

Benjamin Simon worked diligently to support the mini bike racers as they climbed a long hill. He asked all who passed if they wanted some help, and when they said yes, Benjamin sprung into action to help push them up the hill. He did this again and again with the same amount of enthusiasm and support each time,” stated Carrie Norry.