Ken Caputo Award Nominations, May 21, 2017

May 25, 2017

Ken Caputo Award Nominations, May 21, 2017

Ken Caputo Volunteer Service Award

At each race we give an award to a race day volunteer that spreads enthusiasm, happiness, and a touch of goofiness to our event. This year’s winner is Kasey Parker. See all the nominations below  with submissions made from the various race Captains. To learn more about the award, and Ken, whom it is named in memory of, click here. Congratulations to all our nominations and Kasey and a HUGE thank you to all our volunteers!

Kasey Parker- Transition

Kasey was so enthusiastic throughout transition.  She originally signed up to volunteer for Bike Transport.  She demonstrated flexible, energy, enthusiasm, and intuition in transition, even when she thought she showed up to do a completely different job. Kasey immediately picked up on the fact that kids were getting confused about where to go and readily “took her post” to help them exit.  She cheered the kids through the bike out arch and up the hill with enthusiasm the entire time.  She NEVER lost any steam!

Kate Morris- Transition
Kate was an excellent transition volunteer.  If kids were not smiling when they entered transition from the swim, they were definitely smiling on their way out to the run.  Kate greeted the kids with a huge smile and tons of enthusiasm.  She also ran the sidewalk portion of the run course out of transition with several of the kids, encouraging them along the way.  I lost track of how many times I saw her running up and down the sidewalk with an infectious smile the whole time.

Tyne Tyson – Bike Course
Tyne overflowed with enthusiasm all morning long, never waining for a moment. She was on the course with a police officer directing SHORT and LONG course riders to turn right. Riders could see and hear Tyne from several hundred yards back. She was boldly waving her orange flag telling the cyclists to prepare to turn. See jumped up and down, cheering every rider on with a huge smile. She loved what she was doing and the policewoman really enjoyed working with Tyne. Tyne’s energy rubbed off on all those who came into her orbit Sunday morning.


Stacy McCauley – Bike Transport
Stacy was “all in” on the bike transport. She anticipated what was needed and ran up and down the hill all morning with a smile and friendly welcome to each racer that came her way. Stacy’s positive energy kept the whole team going and excited to match her enthusiasm.

Sophie Bozymski – Bike Transport, Runner
When we realized that our last runner still was coming through, Sophie left her post at bike transport and ran the entire short course with her. She was kind and compassionate and never missed a beat filling in when we needed her.

Ilana Osten – Packet Pick Up
Ilana was a huge help at packet pick up. Able to be flexible and do what was needed. She is one of those genuinely kind people and every time I saw her over the weekend she was smiling ear to ear.

Nikki Brown – Run Course Rabbit
Nikki was running the course motivating the runners and cheering them on the entire race.  In fact, she ran the mini course 4 times with kids just because she wanted to. Her passion is fitness and promoting health and wellness to all people and that was very clear on Sunday morning.  She enthusiastically was a part of many of the runners’ experience encouraging them to do their best and HAVE FUN.