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Letter from the Chair

Dear JUST TRYAN IT Community,

As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary at JUST TRYAN IT, we have lots of changes afoot. Those who have seen our 2018 Impact Report know about our incredible growth and reach. I’m proud of our enduring impact on the financial stability of so many families, helping them with nearly $2 million in donations for their mortgage, rent, utilities, transportation, car payments, gas, parking, food, childcare and many other non-medical expenses as they focus on caring for their children. I’m also proud of the 5,000 racers who have become true philanthropists as well as triathletes.

Everyone at JUST TRYAN IT is a model of volunteerism and community, but one tireless advocate—Founder and Executive Director Carrie Norry—has led the organization and guided our vision from the start. This year marks Carrie’s last with JUST TRYAN IT. We could not be more grateful for her decade-long commitment and devotion to our mission. She has truly positioned JTI in a place of strength for the next decade and beyond.

In the coming months, we will focus on searching for a new executive director. I hope you’ll join us in the fall as we thank Carrie for her service and celebrate our 10-year anniversary (details to follow).


Lisa Hamman

Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends,

It is with great pride and gratitude that I write to share my decision to “retire” from JUST TRYAN IT. I have been fortunate to spend my professional career in two fields that empower and serve families and children, teaching and JUST TRYAN IT. I could never have imagined being at this place 10 years ago, leading an organization in multiple states supporting thousands of families and raising millions of dollars. The work has been meaningful and rewarding, and my passion for this cause is unwavering.

As JUST TRYAN IT has grown, so has the role of leading it. From a place of strength, JTI is well-situated to continue to empower young people to make a difference in their communities, and continue to expand the network of families served. Fully cognizant of my inability to freeze time, I am now choosing to be more present with my own family and children in these few years before they leave home. I leave with tremendous confidence in our future as an organization and even more gratitude for these past 10 years.

JTI has been the perfect outlet for my passion for logistics and event planning, community building, empowering youth, and mission-driven living. That said, the people I have met over these past 10 years have truly fueled me. Because of all of you, this work felt like a collaborative, meaningful venture. Together we have pushed one another to find our best selves and in doing so, created magic.

I will remain forever a supporter and volunteer with JUST TRYAN IT. I look forward to seeing how JTI grows and flourishes in the next 10 years and to meeting the next group of dedicated volunteers, inspired children, and supported families.

With devotion and gratitude,

Founder and Executive Director

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