JTI Receives $50,000 donation to the Deep Needs Grant Fund

This testimonial was written by a generous donor and volunteer who wishes to remain anonymous. We are truly grateful to him and his family for their commitment to JUST TRYAN IT.

I first became familiar with JUST TRYAN IT when my grandchildren decided to participate in the Kids Triathlon many years ago. I was thrilled that they had chosen to challenge themselves at such a young age to do a triathlon and even more excited when I learned the reason they were racing, to help kids with cancer. I heard Ryan, JUST TRYAN IT’s namesake, and his mother Mollie speak at the race and was moved by JUST TRYAN IT’s mission to help families weather the childhood cancer storm.

What began as a fun activity for my grandchildren turned into years of our family volunteering with JUST TRYAN IT in various capacities. A number of years later my own granddaughter, a former racer, was diagnosed with lymphoma. Fortunately, she responded well to treatment and is now in remission. Going through this experience, and seeing firsthand the emotional and financial toll that cancer takes on the entire family emphasized for my family the importance of helping families in need.

One in five kids who receive a new cancer diagnosis are already living in poverty. When JUST TRYAN IT launched the Deep Needs Grant program in August, I was inspired by the level of commitment JUST TRYAN IT is making to families in need and decided to make a $50,000 donation to JUST TRYAN IT in furtherance of this worthy program. I am excited to help expand the Deep Needs Grant and I hope this donation will inspire others to contribute to this important work.

You can show your support of families fighting cancer by donating today, to designate your gift to the Deep Needs fund select that option on drop down menu. Thank you and Happy New Year!