Our family feels fortunate to have had the support of the Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Clinic where Nicholas was successfully treated for a Rhabdomyosarcoma at the age of one in 2008 and again at age three in 2010-11, when it returned. Nicholas’ greatest obstacles came with medical challenges related to having Costello Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder. Despite numerous surgeries, medical interventions and therapies, Nicholas maintained a positive outlook, a fabulous sense of humor and loving relationships with all those he knew. He passed away due to non-cancer related medical challenges in December 2014, a couple of days shy of his eighth birthday. He was honored to have his brother Zachary, and all those on Team Nicholas, race on his behalf over the past five years to support JUST TRYAN IT. Nicholas, and our family, are greatly honored by JUST TRYAN IT’s release of white balloons in his memory.