Abby is a 10 year old young lady that has been battling cancer, specifically PH+ ALL (leukemia) since she was 4. Initially diagnosed in Feb 2011, it has been a long journey. With a wonderful year of respite after treatment, before relapse in 2013-2014, Abby was able to be in school full time, play soccer and even participated in the JUST TRYAN IT triathlon in Bethesda in June of 2014.

Soon after, our world was overturned again, as Abby’s cancer had returned. Abby received a life saving bone marrow transplant in January 2015 and today (April 2017) is still working hard at recovery each & every day. Side effects almost took her life last summer, we are so thankful that she is still with us today. Abby is starting to return back to 5th grade school part time and even starting to play a little bit of soccer again!!! It has been a long journey, and we can’t wait for the day Abby will be racing once again!!!