STORIES A collection of the many ways people are inspired and touched by JUST TRYAN IT

Christina - Survivor, Mom

My girls, Alexandra and Nora were just 4 and 9 months old when I was diagnosed with stage III breast cancer. They were by my side the whole time making me smile, laugh, ... Read more

Childhood Cancer STAR Act

Excitement filled the air as racers both big and small gathered for the inaugural JUST TRYAN IT triathlon in NC on the brisk morning of May 1st Read more


I first participated in JUST TRYAN IT in 2011. I first raced in it because it sounded like fun and I wanted to raise money for kids from Georgetown Hosp... Read more

LESLIE - UNC Children's

The financial strain on families of children with cancer can be completely overwhelming. I’ve seen, first hand, that their needs are so great and many are not in a posit... Read more

Alisa Griffey - Evolent Health

Evolent Health has supported JUST TRYAN IT for three years now and we continue to be impressed by the important work they are doing to support the famil... Read more


I first participated in JUST TRYAN IT in 2013. I have raced in honor of my grandfather and of children who have been helped by JUST TRYAN Read more

Phil - RPG Solutions

RPG Solutions, A Division of HUB International Southeast, is very excited to sponsor JUST TRYAN IT and their first triathlon in Triangle market.  When I... Read more

Natha - Sinai Hospital

Natha is a social worker in the pediatric hematology/oncology department at Sinai Hospital. Natha says, “helping families during a difficult time ... Read more

Rob Lenfesty - A Dad's Story


Monday, November 14th 2011 was a day like any other day. I went to work at the hospital and when I returned home, my three kids Nick, Scott and Kyra were i... Read more


Andrew is a 6 year old from Baltimore who loves to be outside fishing, collecting bugs and also loves Legos.  His cousin Madeline has had cancer for just about his whole... Read more

Lindsay - Duke Children's

JUST TRYAN IT has been a wonderful resource for families we serve at Duke. Transplant can be a devastating financial drain on fa... Read more


I first participated in JUST TRYAN IT in 2011. One year I raced in honor of a boy named Jamal who had been fighting cancer. It motivated me to race hard... Read more

Elizabeth & Mary Kate

Elizabeth and Mary Kate race for their late Aunt Mary Kay, who died at the age of 16 from Hodgkins Lymphoma. For their entire family, JUST TRYAN IT is a... Read more

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