BOARD AND STAFF Meet the people with the vision and leadership to help JUST TRYAN IT grow and stay strong

Want to get more involved with JUST TRYAN IT?  We are looking for new board members to help with fundraising and strategic planning. If you have experience in those areas, or if you are a survivor of childhood cancer, and you would like to apply to serve on the board, please contact Lisa.

Susan ApgoodSusan Matthews Apgood

Susan Matthews Apgood has been president and CEO of News Generation, a media relations agency, since graduating from business school in 1997.

In the Fall of 2015, she became a board member of JUST TRYAN IT, and works on the marketing and communication messaging for JTI. Susan loves JTI because she loves the spirit of competition and truly believes that in volunteering she gets much more than she gives. Two of her three sons have competed in the tri, and she loves instilling in them at a young age the importance of dedicating your time and talent to those in need.

She is active in professional societies of Public Relations Society of America and Washington Women in Public Relations (WWPR) having served for several years on the board of each. In 2012, she earned the award of Catholic Business Network of Montgomery County’s Business/School Partnership Award for her years of work with Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic School in Bethesda, where her children attend.

Susan was the first Congressional page to serve in both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate, an experience for which she will be eternally grateful. She earned her competitive spirit growing up as a competitive gymnast in her home state of New Jersey.
She earned her MBA in finance from American University and BA in economics from George Washington University. For fun, she competes in triathlons, long bike rides and half marathons.

Eliza BottiEliza Botti, Treasurer

Eliza has spent her professional career in finance, and has worked with several organizations focusing on financial planning and analysis. For the past ten years, she has helped coordinate treasury and cash management at Development Alternatives.

Eliza first discovered JUST TRYAN IT as a spectator, when she would take her boys to Landon School to cheer on friends and other race participants. (Her oldest son has since completed two JTI triathlons of his own, and is anxious for his little brother to join him!) Eliza is proud that her sons have embraced JTI activity, and remains profoundly moved by the dedication of all young participants, who do so much for so many families wrestling with the challenges of childhood cancer.

Growing up, Eliza was active in multiple sports, including basketball and softball, and went on to play both field hockey and lacrosse in college. (After graduation, she tried to keep up with the youngsters by joining a club lacrosse team—for a time.) Her own positive experiences with sport led her to coach youth lacrosse in the DC area, an experience she found particularly rewarding as she tried to guarantee a healthy environment that would allow girls to discover the joys of teamwork, sportsmanship, and the experience of the game itself.

Mollie DarbyMollie Darby

Mollie Darby’s background is in interior Architecture. Mollie took 11 years off to raise 3 boys and is now back in the work world designing again!

JUST TRYAN IT is very near and dear to her heart because Ryan is her middle son. When Ryan was diagnosed with leukemia in 2009, an amazing group of women came together to support not just her family, but other families in similar situations. She LOVE’s what JUST TRYAN IT does and looks forward to what the future holds.

Mollie isn’t sure what her greatest accomplishment was as a child. She wishes that it had something like JUST TRYAN IT to compete in and to give back to. Maybe she would remember swimming, biking and running for a GREAT cause!

Warren Eng

Warren Eng is an anesthesiologist, caring for Montgomery County patients since 2007. He continues to take great pride in meeting families during a stressful time in their lives, and helping shepherd their loved one through a difficult part of their healthcare.

While training in Pediatrics at UNC-Chapel Hill, Warren saw firsthand the tremendous emotional, financial, and time stressors a new cancer diagnosis can impose on the entire family. He is enthusiastic about JUST TRYAN IT’s goal of helping these families alleviate some of these burdens during such a difficult time.

Warren hasn’t met a sport he hasn’t liked – soccer, tennis, golf, skiing, running, and swimming (though proficiency may be another thing). He and his wife Cynthia are hoping to pass on their son & daughter their love of sports and the life lessons they can impart. Some of their greatest joys have come from coaching them at soccer and officiating their swim meets – and someday watching their JUST TRYAN IT races!

JenDelGuercioJen Del Guercio

Jen Del Guercio has worked in health care management for over 20 years in a variety of roles ranging from business development, strategic planning, marketing, client services and technology. Jen has dedicated her career to improving the health care delivery system so patients and doctors can work together more effectively and efficiently. Currently, Jen works for a healthcare IT strategy consulting group and is rolling out an online application to help family caregivers organize and manage a loved one’s care at home.

Jen joined the Board in order to expand the reach of JUST TRYAN IT, including supporting families coping with childhood cancer, encouraging kids to be active and community-minded, and contributing in a meaningful way to the community.

Jen loves to run and competes frequently in half marathons and other races. In her younger days, Jen taught herself to ride a unicycle and captained her college lacrosse team.

Lisa HammanLisa Hamman, Secretary

Lisa Hamman is a mutual fund attorney. She started her career at Fidelity Investments in Boston then moved to Washington DC to work at Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP. Lisa now works at the Investment Company Institute, a trade association for mutual funds.

Lisa is proud to have been a part of JUST TRYAN IT since its inception. Both of her kids are racers and her husband’s company, AdvisorShares, is a sponsor. JUST TRYAN IT has taught her kids so much about how they can make a difference in their community. It is truly magical to watch these kids raise money to help other children who are not as fortunate as they are and to watch them complete a triathlon at such a young age.

Lisa’s proudest childhood accomplishment was when she won the best athlete award in camp as an eight year old. Lisa’s athletic achievements have gone downhill from there, but the glory was nice while it lasted!

Marah HoffmanMarah Hoffman

After graduating from The George Washington University School of Business, Marah Hoffman worked in the hospitality industry and was in management at The Four Seasons Hotel in Georgetown. Later, she changed careers and was in high tech sales at DIGEX. Now, she is the proud mom of three wonderful young men.

JUST TRYAN IT is important to her because it teaches children that they are so lucky to have their health and each other. It also gives her children and all participants an opportunity to give back to those that we support, and they learn how easy it can be to make a difference. Ryan Darby is a classmate of Marah’s son, Quinn, and JUST TRYAN IT has allowed him to support their friends as well as others being treated at Georgetown Medstar University Pediatric Center.

As a child she had many rewarding experiences playing soccer. On the soccer field she found her confidence and learned to be a team player as well as a leader. Marah encourages all youngsters to get involved!

Tim MooreTim Moore, Chairman

Tim Moore works in the Investment Management Division of Goldman Sachs where he and his partners advise individual client families and institutional investors regarding investment policy, asset allocation, portfolio implementation and tax planning strategies.

JUST TRYAN IT appeals to Tim for three main reasons:
1) Any family, regardless of circumstances, can be impacted by cancer. JUST TRYAN IT relieves a financial burden for families that are helping their loved one battle cancer;
2) JUST TRYAN IT teaches children about philanthropy and helping others through fundraising for the annual kids triathlon; and
3) Triathlons are a passion of his and he loves seeing the smiles on the faces of the young racers as they successfully complete the JUST TRYAN IT kids triathlon!

Tim was the first member of his family to graduate from college (which he paid for himself)!

Carrie NorryCarrie Norry, Founder and Executive Director

Carrie Norry has spent the majority of her adult life wearing multiple hats in independent schools: math & science teacher, coach, advisor, outdoor education leader, curriculum coordinator, and technology specialist. Carrie is passionate about communities – creating them, developing them, and transforming them.

JUST TRYAN IT grew out of Carrie’s vision to create a community of young people, inspire them to make a difference, and unlock their potential to help others. Carrie has seen her own children (all 3 racers) develop compassion and come to understand that they have a personal responsibility to make the world better for others.

As a child, she was most proud of being able to ride a unicycle, a feat that she has been working on re-learning now.

Leanne Till2Leanne Till

Leanne is the current SoleMates Coordinator for Girls on the Run of Montgomery County and Expansion Leader for JUST TRYAN IT.   In addition to being the mother to three amazing kids, she and her husband are part owners of a brewery in Ontario, Canada.  Proud Canadian eh?

Leanne joined the JUST TRYAN IT team as Fundraising Coordinator in 2011.   The power of the organization appealed to her in many ways;  kids helping kids, community responsibility and leading a healthy lifestyle.  For Leanne, watching any child put their best foot forward and compete always puts a smile on her face and a tear in her eye.

Growing up, Leanne was involved in many sports at one time, settling on Varsity Rowing in University.  She continues to stay active and will complete her eleventh marathon in April 2015.

Alisa WienerAlisa Wiener

With a BA in Psychology and Master’s Degree in Social Work, Alisa Wiener’s focus has always been on helping others. While juggling three kids, she volunteers in many capacities such community service & community building in her neighborhood, her children’s schools and her synagogue.

It is difficult not to be inspired by the amazing effort that makes up JUST TRYAN IT. JUST TRYAN IT strikes the perfect balance of encouraging kids to be physically active while teaching the importance of philanthropy. She has been inspired by her daughter’s involvement in JUST TRYAN IT. Alisa’s daughter reminds her that each of us can make the world a better place.

As a child, her life was not as fast paced and activity-laden as her own kids’. Alisa is simply proud of the fact that friends from elementary school and junior high are still dear friends and very much a part of her life.

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